5 benefits of selling your car on consignment.

When trying to sell your car, doing it privately used to be a struggle and grind. Who wants to have to deal with time wasters and tyre-kickers who constantly don’t bother to show up, or offer a low-ball 50% of your asking price? It’s usually enough to make anyone give up trying to sell their car privately, and settle for a trade-in well below market value instead.

Well, these days selling your car doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Selling your car on consignment with a Brisbane car broker such as eCarz helps to eliminate the hassle and stress involved, while allowing you to get top dollar for your car based on market value. Here are 5 benefits of selling your car on consignment.

1. Access to the broker’s database and network

Car brokers in Brisbane such as eCarz have a large customer database and network to which they can advertise your vehicle in order to reach the largest number of potential buyers. In addition to this, they can also professionally photograph and detail your car, to make it stand out from all of the other private ads, then list it online, on their website, social media, and car sales websites. The broker also has the advantage of being able to offer car finance, as well as the ability for the person buying your car to be able to trade in their own vehicle, which extends the potential buyer market significantly. Being able to take advantage of the car brokers Brisbane network means that any repairs required to obtain a RWC (Roadworthy Certificate) will be done at trade prices.

For peace of mind, they use only their trusted network to get wholesale prices for all detailing, paint, panel, and mechanical repairs needed, saving potentially a lot of money while providing a convenient way to get a RWC with the assurance of high-quality work.

2. No need to deal with tyre kickers

Instead of being woken up by the sound of your phone ringing on a Saturday morning at 7 am by an interested potential buyer, who makes an appointment to inspect the car later in the day, but then simply doesn’t bother to show up! Why not sleep in and relax instead of dealing with this?
Or what about the 2 am text messages on a weeknight, get a good night’s sleep instead! Car brokers in Brisbane can take care of all the enquiries for you, and screen all potential buyers to only shortlist serious enquiries and not waste your time with low-ball offers. Also you don’t have to take the risk of having a stranger show up in your driveway, asking if they can pay you by bank deposit or PayPal.

3. Sell your car for the price you decide

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When you’ve thought to yourself I’m going to sell my car, if you choose to sell your car on consignment it allows you to be able to select a reserve price, based on the market value and educated market data. The broker will inspect the vehicle and provide an educated market assessment as to what price to list the car for using current market price and historical data for cars with the same specifications as yours.

The broker then acts as a filter to low-balling tyre kickers to source the highest possible resale value. Also, a broker is experienced in countering every known haggling tactic and will make sure to only take top dollar for the sale, and not get sucked into buyer’s mind-games to try and knock even more dollars off the price. With such a great advertising network, it’s only a short matter of time before a potential buyer comes along who is ready and willing to pay.

With the ability to also offer a warranty on the car purchase, the broker can negotiate a higher price resulting in a higher profit.

4. Keep driving your car while it’s being sold

Just bring your car in once to the Brisbane car broker, so they can prepare it for sale, photograph it, and undertake any work required to get a RWC. While this work is being undertaken, the broker can even lend a car to you for a few days if required, while your car is being prepared for sale.

Then once everything is set up, you have the option to either leave your car with the broker or take it home and continue to drive it, meaning you won’t be without a car at all. Once the broker has received a serious and vetted enquiry, then all you have to do is take your car in a few hours in advance, if convenient, so that the car can be washed and cleaned, looking good as new and ready for the consignment car sale. This offers super convenience and allows the broker to search hard for interested and genuine buyers, while you continue driving day to day.

5. No paperwork to have to worry about

A huge headache of selling your car direct to a private buyer is the large amount of paperwork required to be completed, which can also lead to stress wondering if the information completed is correct. However, when selling cars on consignment, this is all eliminated. Just kick back and relax, knowing that the broker will take care of all of the required and often tedious paperwork on your behalf. If only everything in life was this easy.

When choosing to sell your car on consignment in Brisbane, it’s crucial to find a trustworthy broker who has extensive experience and genuinely wants to help you sell your car for the best price, rather than just making a quick commission.

Selling your car on consignment

eCarz is a highly reputable broker, acting as your very own broker buddy who provides confidence and comfort, knowing that they can work with their trusted dealer network to obtain the best deal for you while selling at market value. eCarz specialise in consignment car sales and helps to eliminate the stress and hassle from selling your car, and helps every step of the way, from obtaining the RWC all the way to finding the right buyer, at the right price!

Hand eCarz your keys and they will hand you back a cheque in return!  So why do it all yourself, when you can engage experienced experts to do it for you.

Contact us to save thousands and get your weekends back!

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