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Who Are Bad Credit Car Loans For?

Bad credit car loans are for anyone who suffers from a bad credit profile and are having difficulty in securing the financing needed to purchase a motor vehicle. With bad credit car finance becoming more common, many lenders are now offering car finance solutions to individuals and businesses with a bad credit score. Call us if your credit history suffers because of:

Why Choose eCarz for Your Bad Credit Car Finance?

* based on commercial contract for a new vehicle with specific criteria. 

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Frequently Asked Questions!

A bad credit car loan or ‘second-chance car loan’ is a financing option that allows an individual suffering from a bad credit history to secure credit to purchase a motor vehicle.

Interest rates can be higher on bad credit loans if lenders deem you to be a high credit risk. At eCarz, we have access to a range of bad credit lenders and will work towards finding you the best deal possible that takes into account your individual circumstances.

If you are finding that you are having difficulty securing financing, you may have bad credit. As part of our bad credit car loan service, we do a free credit check that will help determine your credit score. You can also get your own credit report from a reporting agency like Equifax.

Yes! Bad credit car finance is becoming more common and many lenders are now offering car finance solutions to individuals and businesses with bad credit including past defaults or bankruptcy. Speak to our car finance Brisbane team today to see how we can help you!

Yes, it is possible to get a no-deposit bad credit loan, but it can often prove to be more difficult.  A deposit or trading-in your current vehicle can go a long way in showing lenders your commitment to the purchase and can greatly increase the chances of approval.

The entire process from application to approval will vary on a case by case basis. In some cases, we can get you an approval within seconds!

Applying for a bad credit loan with eCarz is easy! Simply fill out your details above or call us on 1300 378 387 and a bad credit specialist will be in touch to walk you through the simple process.

Yes, our team of dedicated finance specialists can get you the pre-approval you need to shop for a car with confidence. Speak to us today.

Yes, at eCarz, we specialise in car finance Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne wide that is specifically tailored to suit your needs. We can arrange car leasing, novated leases, chattel mortgages, hire purchase agreements, low doc car loans, and more.

Yes, our team of finance specialists can help you get the finance you need on both new and used cars.

Yes, we are a full-service vehicle broker that can do the research and price negotiating on your behalf to ensure you get the best deal on your new or used car. Our professional car buying service has a proven record in helping clients save time and money, avoid the hassles of negotiation, avoid hidden fees, and more!

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