Most Fuel Efficient Cars in Australia

Though the coronavirus pandemic has caused petrol prices across Australia to reach an all-time low, it’s expected that the cost of petrol will start to rise once the economy gets moving again. Given that fuel costs aren’t guaranteed to stay down, fuel economy is an important factor to consider when purchasing a new vehicle. But

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What Do I Need for a Car Loan Application?

Looking to buy a new or used car? You may well be looking for a quality car loan to secure the right vehicle for you. Whether you have spoken to some lenders or are just starting to gather information, a question that may have come up is ‘what do I need for a car loan

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How Do Car Brokers Make Money?

If you are buying or selling a car you may well have come across a car broker and wondered How do car brokers make money? What Is A Car Broker? A car broker is a professional who assists customers to buy a car by acting as a middleperson – a broker – between a buyer

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