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A car broker is someone who can buy a car for you and get you a better deal than you could get yourself while he is at it. All you need to do is tell your car broker what car you want to buy and they will do all the legwork for you. From searching the market for precisely the make and model you want to negotiating the best possible price on your behalf? Learn more about what is a car broker on our blog.

A car broker can help you buy a car or sell your car, at eCarz we can also help you with car finance. The main service a car broker will offer is finding and negotiating the best possible car deal for you.

A car dealership stocks cars and their range is fundamentally limited to what they have in their yard. A car dealer needs to maintain his bottom line, and he will always try to convince that it is his stock that is worth buying. To put it simply, you can always expect to get the hard sell from a car dealer, and even if you consider yourself a good negotiator, you will find getting the best deal from a dealership to be quite a challenge.

A car broker does not keep any cars in stock but instead searches the car market for the vehicles requested by his clients. A car broker does not feel the pressure of having to move his stock and does not need to pressure you into buying a specific vehicle currently parked in his car lot. Instead, a car broker will source the car you want at the best possible price to close the deal with you.

Great question.

We charge our customers Zero, Zilch, Nada.

We may ask for an engagement fee to do our work, but that is re

Our fee is charged to the dealer, which yes, it maybe charged against the vehcile. However in most instances, its costed against the dealers marketing budget.

Dealers allow a cost per sale for marketing to attract new clients. In the insteance, technically have not had to spend any of their marketing budget towards this transaction.

By saying all that, our customer will always come out ahead even after our fee is charged to the dealer. If you are not at benefit, we would not expect you to deal with us.

Our average saving for our clients across a Buy, Sell & Finance transaction to our clients is $3122*.

You might be thinking that by using a car broker you’re just paying someone extra to do the car buying for you, but you could not be more wrong. At eCarz, we are committed to delivering savings that outweigh brokers’ fees. It’s the best value you can get – regardless of any costs you incur with us; you’ll save on the final transaction.

Absolutely, a car broker saves you the hassle of looking for the car you want, negotiating with the dealers and saves you money while he is at it. By using the services of a car broker, you come out ahead on both time and money.

eCarz is your car broker buddy! To find out more about who we are and what we do click here.

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