Most Fuel Efficient Cars in Australia

Though the coronavirus pandemic has caused petrol prices across Australia to reach an all-time low, it’s expected that the cost of petrol will start to rise once the economy gets moving again. Given that fuel costs aren’t guaranteed to stay down, fuel economy is an important factor to consider when purchasing a new vehicle. But in an ever increasingly buyer’s market filled with so many buzzwords, how does one choose a vehicle that not only comes at an affordable price but doesn’t break the bank to run every year? In this month’s featured article, the eCarz team takes a look at some of the most fuel efficient cars in Australia.


The most fuel efficient cars in Australia

Hybrid vs electric: what’s the difference

  • Hybrid vehicles run on a combination of petrol and electricity. They consume less fuel and omit far less carbon then their petrol counterparts.
  • Electric cars require no fuel and run solely on electricity.



Suzuki Swift

Having sold over six million vehicles worldwide, the Suzuki Swift is popular not only for its sleek, powerful design but for its fuel consumption. A good choice for those wanting a smaller vehicle, the Swift uses only 4.6L per 100km. Starting prices for a new Swift range from $18,690 – making it one of the most fuel efficient cars and the cheapest starting point.

Skoda Fabia

Competitively priced, the Skoda Fabia is a reliable small sized vehicle with a relatively low fuel consumption. Perfect for trips to the city or short commutes, the Fabia handles nicely and is good value considering it only uses 4.5 – 4.7L per 100km.



Toyota Prius Hybrid

The Hybrid doesn’t come at the lowest price, but the cost of fuel and the economic benefits far outweigh any negatives. Coming in at 3.4L per 100km, the Prius is by far one of the most economical cars in Australia. Prices for a 2020 model start from $36,590.

Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid

The Toyota’s Hybrid has met its match with the Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid – the Korean brands response to an ever-growing need for fuel efficient, environmentally conscious vehicles. Modelled pretty similarly to the Hybrid (you’ll find a lot of design similarities between the two), the Hyundai Ioniq comes in at 3.4 -3.9 L per 100km, making it number one in the most fuel efficient cars in Australia.

The Hyundai Ioniq is also available in electric.

Toyota Corolla Hybrid

For comfort, lots of room, and good fuel economy, look no further than the Toyota Corolla Hybrid. Unlike a lot of hybrid vehicles, the premium you pay (roughly $1,500 more than the petrol version) for a Corolla Hybrid is worth it as the engine uses up to one third less fuel. Using just 4.2L per 100km, the Corolla Hybrid is a steal at just $35,760.



Nissan Leaf

The Nissan Leaf is a compact electric hatchback that requires no petrol at all and delivers zero emissions. A bargain electric vehicle for the environmentally minded, the Nissan Leaf is one of the most affordable electric cars available on the market. Of course, those wishing to purchase an electric vehicle must have access to a suitable charging port. While it’s not technically one of the ‘most fuel efficient cars’, given that it doesn’t require any at all, the Nissan Leaf is a great choice for those looking to purchase their first electric vehicle.

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