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Easy personal loans at low interest rates!

We make finding personal finance for your purchase simple and don’t waste your time with excessive paperwork. We take care of all the legwork for you and simply find you great personal loans.

Who is a personal loan for?

Personal loans can be used for various purposes like travel, medical bills, debt consolidation, home renovation, to buy a car, etc…
Personal loans come in 2 forms:

  • Secured – This is the type of loan where you use either a car, boat, motorbike or your home as collateral or guarantee. The loan is secured by the asset and if the loan defaults, the lender can take it and sell it to recoup their losses should you default on the loan.
  • Unsecured – A loan that is mostly based on your credit worthiness and credit profile. No collateral is required. In general, interest rates are higher for an unsecured personal loan.

Personal loan terms vary from 6 months to 60 months. Terms can be longer depending on your needs and personal situation.

Are you looking for a personal loan, we can help you secure personal finance at great rates!

  • Interest rates as low as 4.79%*
  • Customised finance solution that best suits your needs
  • A panel of over 45 lenders
  • Quick approval (Some within 10 seconds!)
  • High approval rating – We are the finance experts
  • Obligation-free quotes

* based on a commercial contract for a new vehicle with specific criteria.

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We will ensure that you get a great rate on your personal finance thanks to our extensive network of industry contacts and our experience in negotiation.

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Flexible Loan Repayment Options on Personal Finance

The amount of money you pay for your car loan every month is a big consideration. There are different options available to you and each of them have their own advantages.

This means that your monthly repayments could vary depending on the prevailing interest rates. If interest rates go down, your monthly repayment could go down as well and vice versa.

Repayments do not go down automatically though when interest rates are down so make sure to ask about it if you choose to have a variable interest rate.

This means that you pay a fixed amount for the entire term of the loan. This is great for budgeting since you know exactly what you will pay every month but you won’t be able to take advantage of rate cuts either.

Balloon payment allows for a lower monthly repayment but you will have to pay a certain lump sum at the end of the loan term. You also have the option to refinance the balloon payment if you do not have the amount ready.

Some lenders will allow you to make extra payments on your car loan. Depending on the type of loan you choose, this could potentially save you thousands of dollars in interest payments and you can pay off your loan early.

A few lenders will allow you to pay off your car loan early without charging you early termination fees.

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