The Best Company Cars 2020 Eligible for the Instant Asset Write Off 2020 Scheme

Ready to expand or upgrade your vehicle fleet? Our team has chosen our 5 best company cars 2020 that your business can buy for under $57,582 drive away.

If you’ve been following the recent updates under the 2020 stimulus package from the Federal Government, you may have heard about the changes to the small business asset write off scheme that has temporarily increased the threshold limit of asset purchases. With the 2019/2020 financial year coming to a close and the instant asset write off 2020 June 30 deadline to have your assets ‘ready-for-use’, it’s the perfect time to invest in replacing an aging fleet, or growing your business with some new cars, utes, vans, or trucks.


What’s changed? Under the previous threshold, writing off vehicle purchase for business had a maximum upper limit of $30,000 per vehicle which limited choice in the range of vehicles that could qualify under the scheme. Until June 30, 2020, you can instantly write off up to $57,581 per passenger vehicle and up to $150,000 per commercial vehicle (vehicles with a carrying capacity of over 1 tonne or designed to carry more than 9 passengers) which can help reduce your business’ tax liabilities this financial year. For more information on eligibility criteria, read our latest piece on the instant asset tax write off 2020 scheme. 


If your business is considering taking advantage of the increased small business asset write off 2020 threshold, our eCarz car buying service has a wide range of vehicles that can be written off in full this financial year!


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The 5 Best Company Cars 2020 Under $57,582 Drive Away


Our Utility Vehicle Choice

Toyota Hilux Under $57,582 Drive Away

Australia’s top-selling car, available in a range of models perfectly suited to the rugged tasks of any business. All Hilux models up to the SR5 Hi-Rider qualify for the instant asset write off 2020 scheme, and our talented team of car brokers may be able to snag you a deal on the high-end Rugged X model as well.

Perfect for: Trade Legends


Our Sedan Choice

Toyota Corolla Under $40,000 Drive Away

Packed with the latest security features, the Toyota Corolla continues to deliver on both design and performance. With all models coming in at under $40,000 drive away, it’s the workhorse of the sales force.

Perfect for: Marketing Gurus


Our Luxury Choice

Audi A3 Under $57,582 Drive Away
With its distinctive sense of style and aesthetic beauty, the Audi A3 features a luxurious interior designed to accommodate an active style. With models coming in from $40,000 up to $57,582 drive away, it’s the perfect business vehicle for professionals wanting a touch of class at an affordable price.

Perfect for: Busy Business Professionals


Our Eco Choice

Toyota Prius Under $50,000 Drive Away
Packed with the latest innovations in eco-design technology, the Toyota Prius continues to be one of Australia’s best-selling eco-friendly cars.With full power, and maximum efficiency you can drive quieter for longer on its 3.4L/100km fuel economy. Affordably priced under $50,000 for the high-end model, you’ll save more than just fuel consumption under the 2020 stimulus package.

Perfect for: Sales Legends


Our SUV Choice

Volkswagen Tiguan Under $57,582 Drive Away
The ultimate medium SUV that’s sporty, packed with superior technology, safety features, and style. The 2020 Tiguan has the handling and performance we’ve come to expect from the Volkswagen brand and is the perfect choice for the busy tech professional. Models range from $30,000 to under $57,582.

Perfect for: Tech Professionals


Want to find out more? Get in touch with us today, for the best deals on your next motor vehicle purchases – guaranteed! If you find our list of the best company cars 2020 lacking, we can certainly offer further options for your business needs.


***Please note that the information provided in this article has been provided for information purposes only and is accurate to the best of our knowledge. We encourage you to speak to a small business tax accountant before acting upon any of the information contained herein. The eCarz group of companies does not accept any responsibility for loss to any person as a result of action taken or refrained from in regard to the contents of this publication.

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