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Find low-interest loans for new and used trucks, get quick approvals, and compare 40 lenders to find the best truck finance deal in Australia with the truck finance brokers at eCarz. If you’re after loans for trucks in Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne, call 1300 378 387 to get started with eCarz right away.

Whether you need new truck finance or used truck finance, we’ll help you land the perfect deal.

At eCarz we will help you fund the asset that will improve your life. With a choice of more than 40 lenders available, we will customise the best deal possible to suit your needs and have you approved for finance TODAY.

Let us know how we can help you fund your asset by filling out this form. There’s no obligation to sign up, just a potential financial option to help you get your asset. We’ll get back to you within a few short hours to let you know if we can give you a loan to get that new truck.

Get a FREE truck loan eligibility assessment and compare truck finance and leasing options without accessing your credit file.

All car finance quotes are supplied to you free and without any obligation.

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Truck Finance with eCarz

  • More than 40 lenders available. Choose from over 40 trusted truck finance lenders and pick the one that’s right for your needs. Compare deals easily between lenders to find a truck deal that works in your favour.


  • Competitive interest rates. Not happy with the truck loan rates you’ve found? Our rates start at 4.99%* for brand new trucks. With competitive rates available from over 40 lenders in our network, you’ll find a rate that you’ll like through us.


  • Pre-approved truck financing. Forget going over your budget and paying more than you should. eCarz can help you get pre-approved for your truck finance, so you can secure a loan that’s within your budget.


  • New and Used Truck Financing. Whether you’re buying an old or new truck, our goal is to help you save time and money on your purchase. Talk with us before visiting any dealership, and you’ll be in a better bargaining position.


  • Truck Loans for Business. We have expert truck brokers who can guide you through all the requirements for buying trucks for business. A few factors to take into consideration are; the nature of your business, tax considerations, and cash-flow requirements. Talk with us for tailor-made financing options.

Ready to sort your new or used truck finance? Call 1300 378 387 today to get started. You can also submit your details to request a call back from one of our loan specialists.

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Low Interest Loans, No Deposit, Quick Approvals
Compare 40+ lenders to find the best truck finance deal in Australia.

The Benefits of Getting Truck Finance Through eCarz

We understand that applying for finance can often be overwhelming. Our customers enjoy the following perks when they choose us:

  • Incredibly high approval rate
  • Fast and easy loan approval process
  • The lowest possible interest rate customised to best suit your personal circumstances
  • Less documents and time-consuming paperwork
  • Help for both employed and self-employed loan applicants with and without financials

All-in-One Expertise

Our job is to help you get all your finance for trucks sorted so you can focus solely on finding and getting the truck you want. We cover all key aspects of truck finance, so you won’t have to worry about anything once you choose your truck.


  • Tailored Truck Loans. Enjoy a truck loan that’s tailored to your needs and budget. Our expert brokers can help you customise your truck finance so that it matches your resources and loan preferences.


  • Find and secure the right insurance for your truck with our help. Our network of insurance providers will give you more choices for finding the best deal for your fleet.


  • Make sure your trucks are covered and protected by the right warranties. We can help you find and choose a warranty that works for you, helping you or your business get your money’s worth.
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Truck Finance Options

Under this agreement, you use the truck while the lender retains ownership of the asset. At the end of the term, you have the option to buy the truck or trade it in for a newer model. Talk with us for more information about leasing a car in Australia. Learn more about truck leasing.

A Chattel mortgage has huge tax and GST benefits. It is a very good option if you are purchasing a truck for business purposes. Our expert finance brokers will be glad to answer any questions you may have regarding this option. Learn more about chattel mortgage.

Second chance purchases are common here. We have successfully assisted clients secure bad credit truck loans even when numerous banks have turned them down and all hope seems lost. Learn more about bad credit truck loans.

Great for business owners and the self-employed who may not have all the necessary documents available for a conventional truck loan. Learn more about low doc truck loans.

Get Approved Fast

Forget spending days wondering whether you can get your truck or not. With eCarz, you won’t need to wait long to get your truck loan approved. By streamlining the loan application process and helping you organise all necessary documents, we can help you get approved quickly and easily. We’ve also developed a solid relationship with the top lenders in the industry, making it easy for us to customise your truck loan so that it works for both you and your lender. No hassles, no dramas!

Tips for an Easy Truck Loan Approval

Getting approved for truck finance doesn’t need to be hard. There are so many lenders and they all want your business. It is just a matter of choosing the best quote that suits your needs.

Have you got your documentation ready?
To ensure a speedy process make sure to have the following ready:
• Identification
• Bank statements
• Pay slips
• Tax returns
• Centrelink statement (if applicable)
• Credit card statements
• Mortgage statements

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Determining Your Credit Standing

How much can you afford for truck loan repayments?
This is critical because truck loan repayments could take up to 5 years, or even longer in some cases, so making sure that you have a steady source of income is important.

Do you have a regular job or a stable business?
If you are sure that you can manage the monthly repayments, then you are good to go.

What if you have bad credit?
The first thing to do is to thoroughly review your credit report and look for inaccuracies like the ones listed above. If you can find some and dispute them, your score could go a little higher.

If the credit review did not help, then you may need to do a little cleanup and establish a good credit history before you apply for a truck loan. Don’t worry if the truck is needed immediately, because we have many lender partners who cater to bad credit truck loans.

Have you checked your credit rating?

Truck loan interest rates and approval are largely influenced by your credit history. A low credit score could mean a high interest rate or, worse, your truck loan may not be approved.

You can get a copy of your credit report from these sources.

We Finance More than Just Trucks

We may specialise in financing trucks, but that’s not all the financing we do. Together with 1800approved, we can also help you find finance for boats, bikes, utes, jet skis, horse floats, machinery, and other assets that you may need for your business (or your personal collection). Whatever loan you need for your new investment, you can count on us to help you find the right deal.


Start the Truck Finance Process – Contact eCarz Today

With more than 40 professional lenders at our disposal, we can meet your needs with an amazing customised deal and the best part; we can have you approved for truck finance TODAY. Let us know how we can help you fund your asset by filling out this form. It’s obligation-free, and we’ll let you know within hours whether we can give you a loan to get a new vehicle, boat or equipment.

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Cities We Service

You can access our quality finance for trucks regardless of whether you are in Brisbane, Sydney, or Melbourne. We have access to a range of lenders across Australia, so no matter where you are, you’re never far from a great deal with eCarz truck finance.

Truck Finance Brisbane

We are here to secure a great deal on finance for trucks wherever you are in the Greater Brisbane region.

Truck Finance Sydney

We make getting finance for trucks in Sydney simple. Whether you’re in Bondi or the Blue Mountains or anywhere in between, we know what it takes to get a great deal, and we stop at nothing to get it for you!

Truck Finance Melbourne

Let us give you back your free time and save yourself the hassle of finding finance for trucks in Melbourne. Work with us at eCarz.

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