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Bener Borgoños
Bener Borgoños
Lili Zhao has assisted me all the way through and very thorough of the process and procedure as per company’s standard. Her professionalism is off the books. The process was completed in a very short time frame.
Jesse Bartrim
Jesse Bartrim
Helen from ecarz is amazing ! Hands down recommend her services for anyone looking for finance. Couldn’t be happier with the whole process Thankyou again Helen 😊 definitely will be returning for future
Adam Devenish
Adam Devenish
Ryan was awesome to deal with. Will be using them again
CQ Aesthetics
CQ Aesthetics
Tammy Haug has been an absolute pleasure to deal with. Highly recommend eCarz group.
Nathan Lowe
Nathan Lowe
Got highly recommend to use Chad Masri, if u need car finanace give him a buz awesome service and smooth easy transition thanks again mate
Stephan Freina
Stephan Freina
My wife and I are completely and utterly over the moon with what Ryan achieved on our behalf when things looked super bleak. So much so my wife was literally in tears when I had informed her of our approval, eCarz you rock…our go to car broker moving forward, thanks so much from the bottom of our hearts
Chris Forrest
Chris Forrest
Mick teed up three vehicles for our fleet and came through for us quickly, with constant communication about availability, options, cost, and delivery timeframes. Even when our finance process took a lot longer than expected, Mick was courteous and kept everyone involved up-to-date. He’s a credit to the eCarz outfit, and I have no hesitation in recommended Mick or his colleagues to anyone looking for a vehicle at a good price. Many thanks!
Douglas Orlowski
Douglas Orlowski
Very incredibly people to deal with that make everything so easy stress free and simple definitely recommend
Robert Prins
Robert Prins
Great service. True to their word. Quick and effective process. Would recommend +++
Garry Back
Garry Back
Great services from staff Helen was great it took a while She did a awesome job

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You're only a few clicks away from selling your car...

Looking to sell your car but don’t want to go through the stress of finding a buyer and negotiating a fair price? Let eCarz handle the entire process for you, our car selling service will find you the best deal for your car no matter its age or condition. Our team of experts consult with a network of over 40 brokers to get you the best possible price. As the car broker Brisbane trusts to sell their used cars, join countless customers who have earned quick and easy cash thanks to eCarz.

To learn more of the service we provide, or to begin the process of selling your car, contact us by calling 1300 378 387 or you can reach out to us via our contact page. Our friendly staff are on hand to answer any questions you may have and to help you get your old vehicle off your hands and money into your pocket.

Our Top Tips to Selling Your Car...
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Sell your car with eCarz

Want to sell your car without the hassles of finding the right buyer? Let us do it for you – and get you the best deal too!

How it Works

At eCarz, we have streamlined our car selling service to be as easy as possible. Simply contact us with the car you would like to sell, and we will begin meeting with buyers on your behalf.

Step 1.

Access our online appraisal form and drop in your car’s details so we know what you are looking to sell. Make sure to have some photos ready as you will also be asked to upload them for a better representation of the car in question.

Step 2.

There are two options when it comes time to sell your car easily. We will either appraise it ourselves instantly which immediately kickstarts the process of selling your car, or we will send your car out to our dealer network. From there it will undergo a process similar to an auction, where interested buyers can bid on your car.

Step 3.

Once a price has been decided we will contact you and inform you of the offer that has been made for your car thanks to our service. This price is of course indicative of the sighting of your car as our buyers will need to make sure its condition matches the one that was promised.

Step 4.

If the price is to your liking and the car is in the promised condition, we can either come to you or you can come to us to finalise the deal. Payment is instantaneous so make sure to have your paperwork ready so we can take the car away on the spot. You will receive the funds in your account as soon as the transaction goes through, your bank’s payment processes pending.

How Your Car is Sold

Why waste time waiting for potential buyers to call you back and negotiate a price for the car you are desperate to get off your hands when you can access our instant offer service. Simply call us on 1300 378 387 or fill out the online form located here to provide us with your contact details and your cars make, model, year and number of kilometres. From there you will receive an instant offer from us for your car, with the quote provided for free and without any obligation to accept. There is no other way to sell your car easily and as swiftly as possible.

Why Sell Your Car with Us?

As experts in the field, we take great pride in our car selling service and the benefits it provides our valued customers. By providing an instant offer for every car we quote, you can be confident that you will sell your car easily with our help. That means cash in your hand straight away so you can stop stressing and put the money towards the things that matter to you.

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So why wait and deal with unreliable marketplaces to sell your car? Call us on 1300 378 387 or contact us online to begin the process of getting your old car out of your garage and cash in your pocket. Get a head start by filling out our online form so we can provide you with a free and instant quote that you can accept immediately. Turn your old car into instant cash so you can focus on more important things.

Sell your car through eCarz and enjoy these benefits

Providing Professional Advice
Negotiating the Best Price for You
Taking Safe Custody of Your Vehicle
Professional Vehicle Inspection
Best Deals From Multiple Sources
Professional Handling of All Relevant Paperwork
Detailed Inspection Reports
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